The Deseret Region is focused on improving life for our people. There are many projects we are involved in to do this. The scope of these projects is very large but they can also be applied at home and in your local area.


The Deseret Currency Association is an organization to promote the use of the Deseret Units. Deseret Units are a local currency for use in the Deseret Region. Units can be used to purchase goods and services within the Deseret Region. Deseret Units can also be used to purchase items on our online store.

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The Deseret Aid Group is a volunteer organization that combines security, firefighting, emergency medical, and search and rescue services.

If you have skills in those fields and would like to volunteer some of your time to provide a service to the people of the Deseret Region, visit the DAG website.



FoodFood prices keep getting higher and higher. One of the reasons for this is that food has to be shipped around the country. The farther a food product has to be shipped the more expensive it will be. If food is grown locally then it doesn't have to be shipped as far and it will cost less.

Locally grown food is cleaner. Food that has to be transported long distances are treated with chemicals and are harvested early so that when they arrive in the store they look "fresh".

It is our goal to increase local food production to the point where the Deseret Region can produce 100% of necessity based foods, meaning basic food products required to sustain life. There are many food products that don't grow here and it will still be a good thing to import them. But we should be able to feed our own people.

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Transportation is a multifaceted project. There is a need for better transportation mechanisms, meaning better ways than fossil fuels to use in transportation. Having a transportation system based on imported oil is very bad idea. Transportation based on locally made products is essential.

Additionally, there needs to be an improvement in the public transportation system. There needs to be developed a more smooth modular system of public transportation. For example if someone takes a bus to another city, what then? There must be a taxi system to take them from the bus station to any location they desire. Taxis need to be able to be called from any location.

There also needs to be increased incentive to use public transportation.

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Water is the source of life. The climate in the Deseret Region provides little water. We need to increase our ability to capture and use fresh water. Water systems should also be built up modular from the local level.

On of the simplest ways of obtaining water is through collecting rain water.

Technology exists that is able to pull the moisture out of the are and collect it. It is called a dehumidifier and is already commonly used to lower to humidity levels inside people's homes. When adapted a dehumidifier can pull humidity out of the air when outdoors. Systems such as this can be built to provide water to homes, neighborhoods, and cities. Dehumidifiers could provide water for gardens and farms.

WaterSolar water purification plants can be built to help purify and desalinate water. Solar water purification requires very little power. Water is heated by the sun inside a closed chamber. The water evaporates and collects on the cooler glas surface. The water runs down the glass and is deposited in a collection tank. This type of purification can filter out particulate contaminants and things like salt. Some chemical contaminants cannot be filtered out and require additional filtration.

WaterSmall scale filtration of water can be done using gravity fed systems. These systems can be used to filter water after is has passed through solar purifiers. Water is pulled through these filters by gravity and require no power to operate. However because of the design of these filters they could only be used for individual homes or neighborhoods.

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It is essential that we increase the manufacturing infrastructure within the Deseret Region. We should be able to manufacture essential products here.

Additionally, manufacturing processes need to be revolutionized to be more ecologically friendly.

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PowerThe power grid is one of our most valuable and vulnerable assets. Our goal is to build up modular and localized power systems. Localized power systems will not be as susceptible to failure. If a neighborhood can supply part of the local power needs then the city power systems will not be as strained.

Solar, wind, wave and other power technologies should be utilized to provide more localized power.

An example using wind power:

Home Wind Power

Wind power can be utilized on the individual home level. With the proper setup a single house can provide all of its power needs. Home power systems can suppliment neighborhood power and vice versa.

Neighborhood Wind Power

Wind power generators can be set up in various places around a neighborhood. These generators can suppliment home power needs, or supply the needs for the whole neighborhood.

City wind power

The facilities and infrastructure of a city will need power. Power for these systems can be maintained by a city wind farm. Because power for neighborhoods will be provided by local power sources, city windfarms can be much smaller.

State wind power

In certain places windfarms scould be built the suppliment the power to various cities.

Using this method power systems can be made ina modular fashion and will be much more resiliant against solar storms, attacks, or other failure.

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Recycling and waste management facilities need to be revolutionized to be more efficient. Rather than dumping trash into a heap, it should be utilized to benefit the region.

Other waste can be better utilized and recycled to provide power and other resources.

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One way to increase the stability of the Deseret Region is to strengthen our own economy. To strengthen our economy we need to develop our own local currency. Deseret Currency Units can be used to strengthen local businesses.

Deseret Units fill a need that affects both individuals and businesses. This need is the movement of money within an economy. Currently one of the major problems with US Dollars is that there are not enough to go around. When people don't have enough money they hoard it and spend it only on vital expenses. The result is a slow economy. Businesses who employ people then can't get the income they need to pay their employees. So the employees don't have enough money to pay for things. This means businesses get even less income. The results of this are seen all around us; businesses having to close their doors, people loosing their jobs.

Deseret Units work by providing additional units of currency to circulate in the local economy. They provide people with money to spend. When people spend Deseret units they provide additional income for businesses. The Businesses can then have greater success and create more jobs. These jobs in turn provide people with income. Deseret Units provide a medium for the average person to make ends meet in these trying times. They also provide a way for local businesses to stay alive and grow.

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The education system within the Deseret Region is in dire need of reform. Our education system is based on archaic methods and principles. We must completely abandon current methods and rebuild the system from the ground up.

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All of these projects will provide jobs for people in the Deseret Region. Providing more jobs will increase the economic power of our Region.

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