The Deseret Region is an organization to promote and develop a completely self suffcient region within the United States. This region is called the Deseret Region. Our goal is to revolutionize areas of infrastructure(i.e. transportation, argiculture, energy, etc.) so that the the Deseret Region can provide our own needs. The Deseret Region gets its name and boundaries from the State of Deseret which was proposed back in the 1850's.

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The Deseret Region is developing and organizing many projects to increase the self sufficiency of the region. Our projects involve infrastructure, economy, and even agriculture. Some of our projects include localizing power and food production. Another project is the Deseret Currency Association. This project promotes the use of a local alternative currency within the region. We offer free listing in our business directory for businesses in the Deseret Region. As the Deseret Region projects gain momentum we will be able to improve the quality of life for everyone in the Deseret Region.


Michael Ellis - Founder, Deseret Region, Inc.

Michael is the founder of the Deseret Region. His revolutionary vision for the region, and desire to help the people living here, caused him to develop the Deseret Region concept. In November 2011 Michael incorporated Deseret Region, Inc. to administer the operations of the Deseret Region. Michael has, been involved in researching alternative currencies and infrastructure for many years.


Michael Ellis graduated from Pocatello High School in 2003. He is currently working towards graduation from the Electronics program at Idaho State University.


Michael has worked at a variety of jobs from broadcasting to janitorial work. This has given him a respect for the importance of all types of employment. Michael is not afraid to put in a hard day's work wherever he is needed.


Michael was born in 1984, in Orem, Utah. While still young, his family moved to Pocatello, Idaho. In 2008 Michael was married. He now has a three year old daughter.

"I love my family. The relationships that make up family are very important. It is really my family that inspired me to start the Deseret Region. I want them to be protected in the trying times ahead. I know others feel the same way and want their families to be protected too."

His hobbies are graphic design, 3D art, and camping. Michael enjoys developing innovative concepts and designing things.


"This is one region, and we have one future, we must work both locally and collectively to succeed."

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