You can get involved in bringing about self-sufficiency and a better life in the Deseret Region. Every person and business is important. We want your help.


The real world is were change actually happens. You can get involved in projects to bring change to your area.


Grow food, not grass. It is becoming increasingly popular to grow gardens instead of lawns. This is something that every person who owns a home can do. Grass is just a waste of perfectly good land and water.

But, it's winter, it's too late for gardening. Think again! Search for some resources about winter gardening.

Neighborhood Groups

Real change starts at the grassroots level. This is why it is so important that Neighborhood Groups be organized. A Neighborhood Group is a number of people within a Neighborhood or an entire Neighborhood that participates in Deseret Region programs.

What Do Neighborhood Groups Do?

Neighborhood Groups are a way of organizing projects on the Neighborhood level. Here are some examples of what a Neighborhood Group does:

Hold Training Classes

Find out what skills the people in your neighborhood possess. Ask them to teach their skills to others in your Neighborhood Group. Here are some ideas:

First Aid
Vehicle repair
Household repair

Start a Neighborhood Council

Invite your neighbors to a once a week meeting where you can discuss and organize Deseret Region projects in your neighborhood. You should elect a Neighborhood Chairman to organize and oversee the projects in the Neighborhood Group.

Click Here to learn more about how to start a Deseret Region group in your neighborhood.


Write to your government officials and encourage them to participate in Deseret Region programs.